Open-Air Urinals in Australia is the CRAZIEST Invention Ever


After almost a decade of trying to manage the public urination in a busy nightclub strip in The Land Down Under.  Australia’s Gold Coast City Council finally hit upon an idea of building temporary outdoor urinals. Would these be COOL or UNCOOL?

A man uses a controversial outdoor toilet in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality

The loos are primarily aimed for those drunk men who tend to relieve themselves in alleyways. According to some, the urinals are a great idea. On the other hand, the ingenious solution has boiled a sense of disgust amongst the folks from down under, who find the urinals ugly and offensive, others have condemned them as an eyesore and inappropriate.

“Who wants to have a pee while other people can stand around looking at them,” added business owner Russell Murphy, who has been running ‘Odditorium’ in Surfers Paradise for the past 23 years. “I think it will encourage voyeurism.”

“I’m actually in disbelief. I thought when I first saw it that it was some sort of Photoshop joke. It’s unhygienic and visually unappealing,” said Orchid Avenue business owner Craig Duffy. “They should get rid of them immediately before Christmas and New Year. The more tourists who see that, the more damage will be done to the brand of the Gold Coast.”



That makes sense!

Authorities simply do not have the manpower to fine all the people who urinate in public in these areas and don’t have the authority to arrest them.

According to councilor Lex Bell,

These urinals are the only way to manage the problem of public urination that has plagued Cavill Mall and Orchid Avenue in Surfer’s Paradise, Southeastern Queensland. We cannot arrest such people – we don’t have the power, so the thought was if we put urinals in places where the inebriated people have to stagger past, they may well use them. When people are staggering from nightclubs, they won’t seek out public toilets – even if they are there.”


We’ve had drunk people urinating in shop fronts, on windows and all over footpaths for a long time now. It’s a seasonal issue for us, obviously becoming worse during this time of year. I don’t like the urinals either but they are less offensive than the alternative.”


Reports say that, Bell also revealed that many people were concerned about the design of the loos. So the council is now having bigger shields installed, which will provide full-length coverage to the body. “The urinals will only be operating between midnight and dawn so during other times they will be locked so people can’t use them,” Bell added. The smell of urine around the urinals also sparked complaints from passers-by, but authorities are yet to reveal a solution for it.




As an afterthought, the advantages of these open-air urinals in Australia outweigh the unhygienic drawbacks. 




  • jasper asis

    Should be provided 24/7….
    Why the hung up about natural process….?
    Surely this is more hygienic than pissing on public property…
    Function over ascetics makes a much saner society…..

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