Palatable Six-Pack Holders Created For Marine Life’s Safety

While you crack open a cold can of beer, the final point you wish to consider is the fact that the plastic six-pack holder would end up winding up in a turtle’s belly or around a seagull’s neck. Therefore, a Florida-based craft-beer brewery has develop an innovative solution to this.

Palatable Six-Pack Holders Created For Marine Life's Safety

Saltwater Brewery is currently moving out completely delicious six-pack rings for their Screamin’ Reels IPA, with the aid of advertising agency, We Believers. The cases are created from byproducts of the brewing process for example wheat. Not only does this will make them completely biodegradable, but they’re also just as strong as their plastic counterparts.

So far, the organization has generated a couple of hundred of the cases. Nevertheless, they aspire to increase their manufacturing to look after 400,000 six-pack rings every month, as Gustavo Lauria, CCO and founder of We Believer, told Creativity-Online. Significantly, more than that, the businesses have large expectations that beverages businesses and the bigger breweries could follow suit and create their very own delicious six-pack ring holders.

Palatable Six-Pack Holders Created For Marine Life's Safety

In several claims, traditional six-pack rings will have to become created 100% photodegradable under national regulation. Though this might have significantly reduced the issue for marine-life, an estimated 1 million birds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles die in the six-pack holders a year, after being entrapped or swallowing them.

Palatable Six-Pack Holders Created For Marine Life's Safety

Nonetheless, using the world’s oceans getting steadily increasingly more and more blocked with plastics, seeking seeking inventive solutions to consumable packaging is always a welcoming concept.

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