Pregnant Woman Beaten And Tied Up After Caught Stealing

A young pregnant is tied to a pole with hands behind her back and savagely beaten after caught stealing.

Pregnant Woman Beaten And Tied Up After Caught StealingIn the video, a man can be seen pulling her hair while another men kicks her in the face as she slumps to the ground. The incident took place on August 29 in a village near Taizhou city, eastern China.

A police statement confirmed that she had broken into the home of a man named as Mr Feng on August 18 and tried to steal 900 Yuan (£90) cash.

According to reports, the 28 year old woman known as Ms Lu, from the nearby city of Ningbo, was subjected to the brutal assault because people in the village thought she was a habitual thief. In fact, she has already been charged for theft three times.

She is said to have been caught stealing in the past and when she reappeared in the township again it was the last straw for residents.

Pregnant Woman Beaten And Tied Up After Caught Stealing

This is not the first time she came to steal things from the village. Last time she was let go but then she came back. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been beaten so brutally,” one villager. 

A large crowd had gathered to watch the medieval-style punishment. Lucky for her, she was caught on that occasion, but released because she is pregnant. 

After the beating, an old woman can be seen checking if the alleged thief is alright. She was taken to hospital, but wasn’t seriously hurt. A man named as Mr Yin is said to have handed himself in for the beating. He was given eight days in jail and a 300 Yuan (£30) fine.

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