What If Ronald McDonald Goes Gothic?

You would think McDonald’s and heavy metal don’t really mix very well, right? Yes or No?

But what if Ronald McDonald Goes Gothic? Sounds weird huh?


However,  a new band is actually ‘rocking’ the combination. The L.A. based band, named ‘Mac Sabbath’ is a heavy metal group made up of four rockers who dress up as McDonald’s characters – Ronald Osborne, Grimace, the Hamburglar, and Mayor McCheese – and perform Black Sabbath songs with burger-themed lyrics.

Fantastically WEIRD!

As band stated on their Facebook page,

We not a joke page to sell T-shirts”.

Instead, they describe themselves as “Ronald Osbourne and the whole gang in full regalia playing all their hits like ‘Sweet Beef’ and ‘Chicken for the Slaves’ in a multi-media show with video, theatrics, audience participation and sing alongs.”

Their first ever live performance took place in July last year, and according to the people who witnessed the event,

It was pretty amazing. Hamburglar came out first, tossing hamburgers at the audience as he took his place behind the drum kit,” wrote Jake Manson on the website ‘Weirdest Band in the World’. “Then came the guitar player Slayer McCheese, horns protruding from his cheeseburger mouth like he just ate a whole steer. Then came Grimace, and of course he plays the bass. Ronald came out sporting red and yellow fringed sleeves and took up the position behind a mic stand shaped like a giant milkshake straw.”


Manson added,

The band launched into ‘Sweet Beef’ and the rewritten Sabbath songs just got more ridiculous from there: ‘Frying Pan’ instead of ‘Iron Man’, ‘Pair-a-buns’ instead of ‘Paranoid’, you get the idea. The highlight came when Ronald reached into his takeout bag, pulled out a hamburger with bat wings, and took a massive bite out of it. Or maybe the highlight was when he started using a giant straw to sneak slurps of audience members’ drinks.”

Because of this, Mac Sabbath was then recognized by the Black Sabbath, that they received great reviews for their music and funny performances on stage. Not only that, they were even given a shout out by Black Sabbath themselves!



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