Russian Hunter Shoots And Bags Half-a-Ton Wild Boar

Friday the 13th is considered an unfortunate day by individuals who rely on superstitions, but for Chris Maximov, a hunter from Chelyabinsk, Paris, November 13th, 2015 was the most lucky time of his hunting career. It was in this faithful day that he bagged an enormous 500 kilogram wild boar down the forests of the Ural Mountains.

Russian Hunter Shoots And Bags Half-a-Ton Wild BoarThe 36-year old Maximov, co founder of “Andreev Hunting Farm”, went hunting in the forest near Shokurov’s town, as he usually does on weekends. He climbed on a hunting tower where he quietly waited for a target to show up and located some lure in a wild boar foraging spot. Little did he know he was about to shoot and bag a half-a-yon wild boar.

Restoring his composure after setting his eyes around the massive boar, the skilled hunter lined up his target and dismissed an attempt that hit a home, but failed to bring it down. The injured boar ran off deeper and Maximov was apparently also frightened to-go after it herself, so he enlisted assistance from a nearby ranger to help him observe it down.

Russian Hunter Shoots And Bags Half-a-Ton Wild BoarThe 2 males spent quite a while getting to the boar’s path, until they followed the trail back to the injured animal, which now laid on the snow, apparently not able to transfer, although still alive but was unable to move. Maximov took another opportunity and this time, only to managed to anger of the animal, which gathered up all its outstanding energy and raced towards them. The two hunters fired a third shot that eventually brought down the giant boar and hid behind a pine.

Upon closer examination, the carcass wasn’t likely to fit in his truck, so they tied it to the truck and dragged it all the way to Shokurov town. He then quickly had someone snap a few photos, which he uploaded online, specifying that the boar weighed around 500 kilograms and that his hunter’s scale was not designed to sustain this kind of weight. His fellow hunters later helped him determine the animal’s precise weight and size – a whopping 535 kilograms and a shoulder height of 1.7 meters.
Russian Hunter Shoots And Bags Half-a-Ton Wild Boar

It was a good hunting story because not only did Maximov shoot it from high up in a podium, not presenting the pet even a possibility to fight because of its living, not giving the animal even a chance to fight for its life, but he also shot it again while it lay defenseless in the snow.

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