Sea Snail Grows And Hatches Inside This Little Boy’s Knee

This young lad from Aliso Viejo experienced something out of the ordinary after his wound turned out to be a shocking something else.

The 4-year-old Paul Franklin was playing in the sand when he fell and scraped his knee during a family vacation at the beach. Paul’s parents thought it was just a normal wound and gave it a first aid.

We cleaned it up and put a Band-Aid on it,” said Paul’s father, Ken.

Sea Snail Grows And Hatches Inside This Little Boy's KneeHowever, weeks later, Paul’s knee got swollen and infected.

I came home and his knee was the size of an orange and hot to the touch and he’s limping. And I’m like, okay, we have to go to urgent care,” Paul’s mom said.

So they took the young boy to a doctor but the physician didn’t see anything to worry about the wound. The doctor just gave an antibiotic and warned them not to pop it out. The antibiotic helped for a while but the wound failed to heal that it even got nastier as the wound went black.

Sea Snail Grows And Hatches Inside This Little Boy's KneeSo Paul’s mom decided to drain the wound, and boom, pops out a snail!

It looked like a rock. It was a black thing. I put it on a paper towel and I’m like, ‘That is a weird-looking rock. It has swirls on it.’ And I turn it over and it is a sea snail,” she said.

Sea Snail Grows And Hatches Inside This Little Boy's KneeMore shockingly, the tiny sea snail egg got stuck inside Paul’s knee when he fell at the beach and grew inside his skin for three weeks. According to reports, that kind of snail is the type that can live and grow in any kind of environment including under human skin. 

And to prove that it was indeed a sea snail, Rachael put the creature in water and it moved. Despite the unnerving three weeks ordeal, Paul made a quick recovery from his bizarre wound.

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