See What Happens After This Woman Inhales A Balloon

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. It is but natural that a mother-to-be would want to document every moment of it for posterity and for the family to enjoy later when the kid is born. In the video shared by The Laughing Channel, a woman decided to create a unique pregnancy footage using an inflated balloon.

One fine day, a beautiful girl stood in front of the camera and took a huge inflated, pink balloon and pulled off a remarkable stunt! We didn’t realize what was happening until…you see her tummy went 9 months pregnant! 

As she inhaled all the contents of the balloon, her stomach quickly grew, leaving her with a large belly at the end of the clip. Of course, by then, you would have realized this was no ordinary balloon-inhaling video but an ingenious way to document about pregnancy. Is this true or some pure ingenious trick? How awesome can this get, like really?

Hmmm. Find out and see for yourself! See what happens after this woman inhales a balloon!

Watch the impressive time-lapse footage here:


It was great that she came up with the idea the moment she realized she was pregnant because she was able to show her pregnant-state-tummy right from the start as she did not immediately reveal to the viewers just what would really happen after she inhales the balloon. What a brilliant stunt! 



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