See What Happens When You Put Metal Inside Of A Magnetic Coil

It requires a lot of heat to melt steel, commonly requiring some sort of a heavy duty torch to acquire the task done. Nevertheless, with a bit of electricity and wire, you can melt a chunk of metal with a magnetic field, and suspend it in mid-air so it looks cool during the process.

See What Happens When You Put Metal Inside Of A Magnetic CoilThe setup is simple than you’ve ever imagined as it employs to introduce heat to soften the metal portion without having to strap on a visor and bust out a blowtorch. In order to make the metal float, it requires to be suspended in the middle of the magnetic field. By-passing an electric current thru a wire, you are able to simply create one.

If you twist the wire into a coil, the rig will focus its magnetic field toward the center of the housing. This method, as Science-Based Life reminds, is the basic way in which electromagnets are created. If you toss some metal inside that coil, the metal helps generate an electric current inside the field. See What Happens When You Put Metal Inside Of A Magnetic CoilAn electric current is bouncing around the coil, and thanks to the metal object, inside the magnetic field. Eventually, electricity is generated within the metal object, which in turn generates more heat than the metal can bear. Amazingly, the metal actually melts while it’s suspended in the coil, but the magnetic field holds it together. When the electric current passing through the coil is shut off, the metal immediately drops out of the field, and lands as a melted pile of cooling liquid below. Isn’t technology cool?

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