Sending Messages From Beyond The Grave. Funny or Spooky?

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How would you feel about connections from beyond the grave? Would it benefit you and your live family or would it petrify them?

Apparently, emails are way, way popular now than letters. Unsurprisingly, these are easier, faster, cheaper, unaffected by strikes and by far more versatile. As versatility means, you can still send messages to your loved ones even if you rest in cold eternity thru Deathswitch Company.

As the mad name entails, Deathswitch is an automated system that delivers critical information to designated parties after one’s death.  It is basically an automated email blast that will send out a final message to loved ones, friends, even enemies once you have passed away.



A sinister timeline where you die with all your passwords have gone with you, your poor coworkers have no access to your files at work, your family cannot access your bank accounts to pay for your funeral and where any secrets you may have had wanted to divulge dramatically (your adopted child, secret lovers or your cat fishing moments) are now eternal. Thanks to Deathswitch!

Rest assured the website is built to save the nearest and dearest people of your life from crashing financial problems.

A programmed system prompts you on a regular schedule with the jolly question, “Are you alive or not?”

You should say, “Wait—I’m still alive!” because if not, you will be prompted over and over again until the system, assuming that you are dead will let loose a wave of pre-written messages to friends and families you have chosen to be notified. Intriguing right?




The cool part is that you can customize your own little codes to give to your soon-to-be-mourning relatives. Just like a combination of the street where you grew up and the name of your first dog.

But why not have more fun with it? Why not leave a complicated code using the characters of the Hunger Games film, or even an intricate, National Treasure style scavenger hunt? This’ll sure does pique their curiosity.

Just be reminded: if you have a particularly busy week and can’t respond to the “Are you alive?” question in time, you might face some funny consequences. Your Aunt Betty might end up coming to collect your TV and PS4.

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