Sharp Claws, Bizarre Looking… Could This Be An Alien?

Sharp Claws, Bizarre Looking... Could This Be An Alien?

A group of Indonesian plantation workers in Sibu, Sirawak Malaysia got the shock of their lives when they encounter a strange looking, alien-like creature. The incident took place at an oil palm plantation along Bintangor-Sibu Road on the 30th of Friday. The bizarre creature had sharp claws. The video shows the stunned bear fleeing after the attack. 

We were shocked. None of us has ever seen such thing. One of us then hit the animal until it appeared to have passed out. It could be a rare species of bear. When it regained consciousness, we forced it to go back into the jungle,” according to a worker.

Reports say that, the ‘distressed creature’ was dubbed as the “Malaysian Chupacabra”. Others say that opted for an extraterrestrial explanation. However, neither of these speculations were true, for the identification of an animal called, sun bear has been confirmed by multiple sources. 

Sharp Claws, Bizarre Looking... Could This Be An Alien?

Sun Bears (Helarctos malayanus) are among the species threatened as a result, having already been wiped out from more than half their previous range. Although hunted commercially on the mainland of Southeast Asian , in Borneo the main threat to the sun bear is deforestation, which is simultaneously threatening other species.

However, there are also a number of organizations who can use money in order to protect sun bears or the rain forests in which they and so many other species live.

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