STEALER ALERT: Woman Steals A Flat Screen TV By Hiding It Under Her Skirt

STEALER ALERT: These two women entered an appliance store in downtown Guápiles, Costa Rica looking like they were about to shop for something. While the other woman served as a lookout, the other woman seemed to be ‘shopping’ for something.

STEALER ALERT: Woman Steals A Flat Screen TV By Hiding It Under Her SkirtThe brazen woman “chose” the flat screen TV beside her, and in just a flash, she placed the TV ‘under her skirt’. Unbelievably, she was able to walk out of the store nonchalantly, like nothing happened. According to reports, it all happened in a span of 13 SECONDS ONLY!

This kind of modus has been circling the news for the past years, and these criminals are getting better by the day! According to reports, there were no security personnel in the said store at that time, making it easier for the women to pass. The moment a brazen woman stole a flatscreen TV in its box by hiding it between her legs and up her skirt has been captured on camera.

This video was released by the Regional Delegation of Judicial Investigation of Guápiles to ask for help from the public if anyone could identify the two women.


Watch how this woman stole a flat screen TV by hiding it under her skirt, in the full stealing footage below:

Nice stealing skills you got there, woman!

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