Stressed Out Snake Eats Itself

Stressed Out Snake Eats ItselfThis bizarre image of a snake devouring its own tail after mistaking it for lunch will make you immediately exclaim: “Oh, no, Silly snake, that is no food!”

In the video you are about to see, a female Albino Western Hognose is munching her own tail. The snake which usually consumes toads seems unaware of what she is doing and as she continues to consume her body blood can be seen emerging from her jaws.Stressed Out Snake Eats ItselfSometimes snakes will go crazy like Ouroborus who eat their own tails, making some kind of a circle. Although we are quite familiar with snakes, we know little about the self-renewal of the animals.

Theoretically, as cold blooded species, snakes can not regulate their body temperatures. Instead, they should resort external heat sources such as the sun or even just a lamp just to keep themselves warm. If it is too warm, they are unable to cool themselves down by the means of sweating, so they have to find a cool and shady spot to regulate their body temperature.

When snakes become too hot, they will get confused and disoriented. Their ramped-up metabolism will also lead to a false sense of hunger, thus desiring to eat the thing at their first glance. Generally speaking, captive snakes live alone and there is no enough food offered to them in such situation. As a result, they have to attack themselves by eating their tail. Snakes will eat there tail when they are shedding and when they have diminished eyesight because they mistake their tail for prey.

Stressed Out Snake Eats ItselfIn the case of their self-cannibalizing, if you can reduce the temperature by turning off heat lamps and spritzing the snake with cool water, it can be much helpful in cutting down the stress of the snake that might let go; sometimes the veterinarian’s intervention is necessary in this respect.

These fatal episodes can take place constantly, because snakes have evolved to trap food and guide it in. When they begin with eating something, it will be very hard for them to let it go.

So next time when you see such scene, you will be fully aware of what is happening. If you want to keep your pet snake in a good condition, feed them with enough food and maintain the proper room temperature for them so as to avoid the fatal episode.

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