Super Thin Condoms From Grass Extracts

Researchers in Australia think that a spiky type of indigenous grass can be used to create condoms “as thin as a human hair”.

Super Thin Condoms From Grass ExtractsDespite being 30 percent finer than current products, the condoms were produced in Queensland’s state utilizing fibers from the spinifex plant.

The fibers were divided to extract a kind of nanocellulose, which discovered to creSuper Thin Condoms From Grass Extractsate a “significantly improved” type of rubber and was included throughout the production of latex.

We could make a tougher and finer membrane that’s versatile and elastic, that will be the ultimate goal for natural rubber. [We] got a performance boost of 20 percent in pressure and 40 percent in volume compared to the industrial latex control sample. Having a a bit more refinement, we believe we are able to manufacture a latex condom that will certainly pass all requirements, and that’s about 30 percent finer, with more method optimization function we will not to create devices even thinner than this,” according to Professor Darren Martin, from the University of Queensland.

The scientists believe that the thinner rubber might promote condom use and may help fight the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Professor Martin said that the new type of latex may also be used to create finer gloves, that could assist surgeons.

It could be possible to create latex gloves which are just as strong, but finer, providing a more sensitive feeling and prevents hand fatigue to users such as as surgeons. Because you’d also utilize less latex, your material price in manufacturing might possibly drop as well, which makes it much more appealing to the manufacturers,” he said.

Super Thin Condoms From Grass ExtractsAboriginal communities have long utilized spinifex resins to attach spear heads to wooden shafts.

The school stated that it had authorized a nearby Aboriginal group on an arrangement to make sure it had been involved in the technology’s commercialization. A manufacturing plant is due to commence operating in Queensland later this year.

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