The 10 UNBELIEVABLE Purposes of Your Personal Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a kind of paste or gel that is commonly used along with a toothbrush as an accessory to clean and maintain the aesthetics and health of your teeth. However, despite of its teeth-cleaning ability, it has also various purposes.
Check out the 10 UNBELIEVABLE purposes of  your personal toothpaste:



1. Who would have thought that your ordinary toothpaste could clean tight spaces of your piano keys.


2. Just like that, it can make your old pair of sneakers, new again!


3. Toothpastes are also disinfectants. They can remove the strong smell of foods from your bare hands.


4. Amidst all of the incredible benefits of your home toothpaste. This one’s the most impressive! With only a small amount of it, it can pull out the gum that’s stuck on your child’s hair. 


5. It can also expel those smeared, stainy-stains from your clothes.


6. A toothpaste can clear away the glass marks of your wooden furniture.


7. For small scratches of your CD’s and DVD’s, your personal toothpaste can remove all of these.


8. Having a problem eliminating the permanent markings on your exquisite wooden furniture? Just go grab your toothpaste and let it do its MAGIC!


9. Another alternative for cleaning your nails, is to brush it off with a toothpaste!


10. Problems with those scratches all over the surface of your smartphone? Don’t fret my friend! Mr. Toothpaste is here for the rescue!
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