The Majestic Combination Of Dance And Lights That Will Take You To The Other Side Of The World

Curious of how those light were designed? Did they use  infrared cameras that matched the dancers so well?

Well, let’s find out!  Watch as the synchronized dance moves sync perfectly with the digital projection.


This beautifully-synchronized combination of dance and projected lights by the Japanese troupe, ‘Enra’ is the bomb diggity!

Combining the elements of modern technology, lights, dance and music create stunning compositions that sure feast the senses. The versatile ‘Enra’ has stumbled upon a magical production that wowed massive audiences, especially on social media.




The troupe has not only paved the way but perfected their signature style of combining live action with projected graphics. Founder, musical director  and performing artist, Nobuyuki Hanabusa has had a far-reaching influence worldwide. He performs alongside his other members – Saya Watatani and Maki Yokoyama – a diverse group of artists specializing in Kung-fu, acrobats, ballet, juggling and rhythmic gymnastics. Meanwhile, Seiya Ishii is responsible for the wonderful animation.

The dancers come from different backgrounds. Saya Watatani, is a ballerina who has also studied theatre whilst Maki Yokoyama is trained as a rhythmic gymnast as well as in various forms of dance.



Apparently according to Hanabusa, by projecting onto a screen and perfecting alignment with the dancers through repeated practice, does the trick!


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