The Science Behind Why We Love To Mingle With People That Are Bad For Us

As the saying goes, “Nice guys finish last”, the implication is that only the “bad boys” or “bad girls,” those with deviant personalities and darker outlooks on life, get their partners they’re after.

The Science Behind Why We Love To Mingle With People That Are Bad For UsEven though it looks counter intuitive that the more neurotic you are, the more you’re likely to possess more sexual partners, a fresh review revealed within the newspaper Progression and Human Conduct seems to back up this analogy. 

The study is centered on many different heterosexual men and women aged 16 to 67, analyzing their various pathological character attributes – extreme mental and physical behavioral disorders – ranging in seriousness from non existent to clinically diagnosable. The 959 matters were all asked asked detailed questions relating to their relationship history, the number of children they had, their job type and income, educational level, and other socioeconomic factors. Of particular interest were the traits of neuroticism, obsessive-compulsiveness, and impulsiveness.

The results reveal that both girls and males have been pathologically reckless – those that served without care – or much thought attracted much less long companions than individuals with personalities that are “average”, as in those that did not present pathological qualities that are obvious.

The Science Behind Why We Love To Mingle With People That Are Bad For UsA divergence between the sexes was observed as it pertains to obsessive compulsive disorders: Guys, not ladies, were at securing long-term successful mates. This is highly relevant to the high income that obsessive compulsive males helped to earn doubly much to – twice as much as the less obsessive, according to the authors of the study.

From a Darwinian viewpoint, money means survival, safeness and resources for the children. They are also serious, reliable and cautious,” said the lead researcher, Fernando Gutiérrez.

Don’t worry: If you’re a lady and looking for a long-term companion, don’t stress – you need to be neurotic. The analysis shows that the most neurotic female subjects was able to get 34 percent more longterm friends children than normal.

The Science Behind Why We Love To Mingle With People That Are Bad For Us

Impulsive males and women were also demonstrated to have a heightened quantity of short term partners on average.

While [risk-takers] are selfish, rule-breaking, imprudent and rebellious, they are also brave, temerarious, independent and self-reliant—and they live frantic, galvanizing lives,” Gutiérrez said. “This captivates many people.”

However, the research has its limitations: It’s worth highlighting the study included a relatively few contributors in only one location, Barcelona generally lay about their sexual history. 

This may be especially true for individuals whose personality characteristics make them prone to dishonesty,” according to Corinna E. Löckenhoff, a human developmental psychologist at Cornell University who was not involved with the study.

The experts observe that, contrary to conventional ideas on the subject, personality disorders might have developed in people being a kind of intimate and social method, instead of acquiring like a disadvantageous illness – this study appears to agree with this to some extent.

A recent personality study on a variety of cat species reveals that the domestic cat and the African lion are both neurotic, impulsive, mercurial control-freaks – coincidentally, the same traits this study deem to be beneficial in terms of gaining sexual partners, so perhaps our feline friends are on to something.

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