These Adorable Critters Won’t Turn Down For Anything

Every time I turn the radio on, DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon ask me, “Turn down for what?!” I really couldn’t forget this EPIC duo!

These Adorable Critters Won't Turn Down For Anything

Apparently the least favorite sober but most favorite drunk song, “Turn Down For What?!”, is also a hit among cats.

These two-month-old domestic shorthair mixes are feelin’ the vibe as they synchronously nod their heads along with DJ Snake and Lil John’s hit! YES! It’s too cute to handle. The furry little critters are now the stars of the internet’s latest viral hit.

Want to know what’s behind those unison head moves?

Well it’s just that, their foster parents have been hanging a toy or a treat over their heads to get them to groove like that! But, naah, scratch that! We just like to think they just can’t get enough of the crazy catchy hip-hop track.
These Adorable Critters Won't Turn Down For Anything

On the other hand, foster pet parents Hayley Markham and Andrew Kerr uploaded the video, and Mark writes:

These are two talented kittens – Tulip and Daisy – that my wife and I fostered and just returned to the shelter. They will soon be available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia.


But meanwhile, the little furballs spend their time dancing away! It seems like these adorable critters won’t turn down for anything!

Watch their ‘head spinning’ video here!

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