These Bizarre Eyeballs Are Downright FREAKY!

All of us are created having 2 eyes, wherein, each eye has an iris and a pupil.
However, this odd medical condition you’re about to see might change your view of the normal human eye.
This one is so rare that some believe it as a hoax.

These Bizarre Eyeballs Are Downright FREAKY!

See what I mean?!

This extremely rare condition is called, Pupula Duplex, in which a person has two irises and two pupils in one eye. This condition is expected as a result of a genetic defect or mutation. According to scientists, a person with double pupil may have the amazing ability to increase the volume and quantity of visual information that is taken in when he sees. Hence, the focus of the person with this defect may also be vastly improved. Technically, there have been no recorded cases of Pupula Duplex and no confirmed photographic evidence. However, there have been claims of people having the condition and, based on these eyeball photos, this is what it would look like:

These Bizarre Eyeballs Are Downright FREAKY!

Pupula Duplex is a Latin term which means – double pupil. It’s often referred by some by the following terms “evil eye”, double iris and in medical literature as Polycoria. Although this condition is inexistent in medical literature, there are a few cases of famous historical figures that were born with this specific condition. This unusual medical condition was given some credence when the famous Chinese emperor Liu Ch’ung was featured on Ripley’s Believe It or Not as having this medical problem.

These Bizarre Eyeballs Are Downright FREAKY!These Bizarre Eyeballs Are Downright FREAKY!

Due to insufficient evidence and less report on this situation, there is no official medical records exist, yet. That is why most people considered this as an old fiction story. This medical condition is so strange. It would definitely freak all of us out in a bit if we see one. However, to be honest, I guess some of us would probably assume that those are just weird contact lenses!


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