This Bacteria-Killing Paint Keeps Hospital Walls Sterile At All Times

In each health care facility, cleanliness is an utmost primary importance, however, keeping these sprawling sites free from germs and bacteria is no easy task. That is any means of keeping the hospital hygienic are a massive help to staff and patients and this new brand of paint from Sherwin-Williams, will automatically kill off bacteria and maintains the sterility of the hospital walls at all time, according to reports.

This Bacteria-Killing Paint Keeps Hospital Walls Sterile At All TimesThis bacteria-killing paint is called Paint Shield, which can kill bacteria that can cause infection in just two hours after exposure, according to Sherwin-Williams. It is claimed that 99.9% of bugs, including those responsible for E. coli and MRSA, can be destroyed from the surfaces, even before the cleaning staff can get to work. Existing infectious germs are killed and the further growth of microbes is also prevented, and the bacteria-killing pain can be useful for up to four years.

This Bacteria-Killing Paint Keeps Hospital Walls Sterile At All TimesAccording to Chris Connor, the chief executive and chairman of Sherwin-Williams, in a statement that was delivered to the press,

Paint Shield is one of the most important technological breakthroughs in their almost 150-year history of innovation. By destroying infectious pathogens on painted surfaces, Paint Shield is an advancement that changes the game in coatings technology,” he continued.

Sherin-Williams stated that they have been very busy working with experts in order to create the bacteria-killing paint, which is going to be available next year. The Paint Shield product still needs to be tested in real-world settings and must meet various health and safety guidelines before it can be used on a large scale, however. If it gets the all-clear for hospital use, it could help in significantly reducing the number of patients who pick up infections while trying to get better.

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