This Dancing Duo Drop Everyone’s Mouth With Their Astounding “Shake It Off” Performance

Whether you’re looking for some dance or exercise inspiration, search no more as these dancing duo will going to inspire every inch of your ‘dancing nerve’. These two dance awesomely to the beat of the remix of Taylor Swift’s hit, “Shake It Off.” Here, dancer and instructor Matt Steffanina and his 11-year-old student, aptly also named Taylor, perform their routine. Despite the age gap, the two have incredible dance chemistry together, and I can’t wait to see more of their slick moves. They’re pretty great, and will surely help you get down to some sick beats.


Watch how this dancing duo drop everyone’s mouth with their astounding “Shake It Off” performance in the video below!

It’s remarkable how amazing Taylor dances to all these routines! We can’t stop hitting the replay button! We know big things are in the way for this star!

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