This GARLIC COLA is Japan’s Latest ‘It’ Drink!

Garlic flavored cola.

Just let that sink in for a moment. Okay,does it sink now? Alright, there you go!

This GARLIC COLA is Japan's Latest 'It' Drink!


Yes, you heard that right. This GARLIC COLA is Japan’s latest ‘it’ drink!

It’s a thing now. Like, seriously! A fizzy sweet cola with a pungent garlic taste. In Japan, of course, because where else? Locally known as ‘Jats Takkola’, the unusual drink was released last month.


This GARLIC COLA is Japan's Latest 'It' Drink!

Hailing from Aomori, which has previously produced such delectables as garlic ice cream and garlic beer, “Jats Takkola,” is brought to us from the garlic center of the garlic capital of Japan, also known as “Garlic Town”. 

The town offers pretty much any form of garlic you could ever imagine, but the creation of the Takkola (get it? Takko + cola = takkola), took some trial and error experimentation. The real issue, apparently, was breaking through the stereotype that garlic should be used exclusively for food.

This GARLIC COLA is Japan's Latest 'It' Drink!

The drink is just cola mixed with some finely ground garlic, pretty simple. It’s just as bubbly and tasty as normal cola, but you get the pleasant aftertaste of garlic. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Really, if you think about it, it’s probably not much different than washing down some garlicky gyoza with cola and then burping.

 Don’t you just want to plop a bulb of garlic in your next cup of Coke?

This GARLIC COLA is Japan's Latest 'It' Drink!

In reality, they chose the name because they want this item to leave a lasting impression and to “stimulate the heart” of whoever sips it. They advise that before you drink, turn it slowly to remix the garlic, open the cap carefully and then take a sip. According to the creators, there is no way that you won’t shout in surprise after tasting it.


So, would you EVER?






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