This Guy Sets A New World Record By Kicking His Head 134 Times in 1 Minute

We’ve all done or said something so embarrassing that we’ve wanted to kick ourselves in the head. But that wasn’t the motivation for Puskar Nepal, who holds the Guinness World Record for kicking himself in the head the most number of times in a single minute. 

This Guy Sets A New World Record By Kicking His Head 134 Times in 1 MinuteKicking yourself in the head might simply sound stupid to most people, but it’s also unbelievably hard, requiring extreme flexibility and stability. Doing it 134 times in just 60 seconds sounds impossible, which is what makes Puskar Nepal’s record so impressive.

Geez man, I even couldn’t handle kicking myself!

This Guy Sets A New World Record By Kicking His Head 134 Times in 1 MinuteThe young Nepalese apparently spent eight months developing his own head-kicking technique, which involved bending his upper body to an almost 90-degree angle and using both feet to kick his forehead, while maintaining his balance. One of the witnesses of Puskar’s official Guinness World Record attempt at Kantipur City College in Kathmandu, Nepal, said he was so amazed by his speed that he had to watch the whole thing in slow motion to accurately count the number of kicks.

I’m now so passionate about Guinness World Records that I aim to set more than 100 records. I believe my records would help promote my country, birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, around the globe. Also I want to prove that people from a small and poor country like Nepal can also do anything. I want to be inspiration of the people of my country,” Puskar said.

Hence, with his perseverance and determination, he managed to break the old record of 127, set in 2013 by Joel Leindecker of the USA on the set of ‘Guinness World Records Unleashed’ in Los Angeles, California.

Even if the ambitious Nepalese would be able to set 100 records, he, on the other hand, would still have a long way to go to become the world’s most successful record-breaker. That title currently belongs to Ashrita Furman, who has set 551 records in the last 35 years, and currently holds 200 records.



via Guinness World Record

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