This Handless Drummer Boy’s Talent Will Melt Your Heart Out

When it comes to Rock n’ Roll, a Rock Band definitely needs a drummer. The drummer man, in particular,  is the one who gives the beat and rhythm of the song. Indeed, there are lots of professional drummers all around the world which showcase their majestic drumming skills. Some use drum stick tricks to give attraction to viewers. But you know what? Cornel Hrisca-Munn is showing the world that determination and some drum sticks are all that’s needed to rock out even without hands.

Who can’t get enough of this man’s talent? This is a story of this guy and God’s hand upon his life.

Cornel Hrisca-Munn was born in December 1991 with no forearms and a severely deformed right leg. Fortunately, after receiving some needed medical attention, Hrisca-Munn went on to become the inspiration he is today. He now marches to the beat of his own drum, like literally, he does.

I have joined a variety of groups such as the Christian Union and the jazz orchestra, where I play the drums. The workload came as a shock, not only the volume but also the standard, which is incredibly high. But I can’t tell you how privileged I feel to be here among so many astonishing minds and incredibly interesting people.” He enthuses.

In this inspiring video, witness how this guy sits on a drum set and shows how good he is in using drum. There are no excuses to him even though he has no hands to hold the drum sticks but there are gears connected to his both arms where the drum sticks are also connected that helps him to demonstrate a beat.


Watch his incredible drum cover of “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and realize that there’s ’til hope.




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