This Man Wants His Car Cleaned-Up, What Happens Next Will Burst You In Laughter!

This might have been the quickest and the quirkiest car wash ever. 

This car wash wasn’t in a hurry, but was actually stepping onto the gas pedal instead of the break pedal. Surveillance video at an automated car wash in Sacramento, California captured what looks like a white Oldsmobile blasting through to the wash area at high speed. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

This Man Wants His Car Cleaned-Up, What Happens Next Will Burst You In Laughter!

Travis Kimball, marketing director at Quick Quack Car Wash, told ABC News.

The man who was driving the car was an elderly man. After the accident, he told me he didn’t know what happened to his leg.” 

The man apparently got confused the gas pedal and brake pedal, “got nervous, and couldn’t stop,” Kimball said, noting that no one was injured during the accident.

Mitch Shiveley, site manager of Quick Quack Car Wash and an eyewitness to the accident, told ABC News that the driver declined medical treatment.

He waited for a family member or friend to pick him up after the accident and walked away. Another lady who was out vacuuming her car actually pulled out about 5 seconds before the crash.”

As for the costs of the damage, the company’s insurance would pay all of it, which he believes will be between $60,000 and $100,000, he added.

Police arrived at the scene after the crash, Shiveley said, but the Sacramento Police Department has so far been unable to locate a matching police report.

It might be one of those cases where a report was not filed,” Justin Brown, public information officer at the Sacramento Police Department told ABC News.


Check out the surveillance video on what went down when this man wants his car cleaned-up:



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