This Rare Eye Condition Gives This Critter The “Alien-Look”

Matilda the cat, is well on her way to becoming the next internet sensation, thanks to her large, glassy, ‘alien’ eyes. Through her mysterious appearance, she earned over 33,000 followers on Instagram and that number is about to skyrocket now that her photos have gone viral.

This Rare Eye Condition Gives This Critter The "Alien-Look"Sadly, Matilda’s story isn’t as amusing as it seems. The two-year-old critter suffers from a rare condition that’s only getting worse as she grows older. Matilda’s anonymous owners, who refer to themselves as her ‘servants’, have revealed that she used to be pretty normal as a kitten, with the exception of having a ‘squinty eye’ from time to time.

Matilda was born on Valentine’s Day in 2013 in a hoarder house in a small town, and was quickly picked up by a rescue society. When she found her “forever home” she was only 12 weeks old that could be the cutest, teensiest thing that anyone had ever seen.

This Rare Eye Condition Gives This Critter The "Alien-Look"

Her owners contacted the people with the other cats right away to gain more information about the eye problem and then took Matilda back to the vet, where she was tested again for feline leukemia. This test came back negative (phew!), and an appointment with the veterinary ophthalmologist was set up right away. This specialist came with her many sophisticated instruments and tests, and confirmed that Matilda displayed signs of spontaneous LENS LUXATION, just like her siblings.

zLens Luxation, is a condition in which the eye lens completely dislocates from its normal location. The lenses in Matilda’s right eye had spontaneously detached.  Faced with this new information, the owners weren’t sure of what to do. One of Matilda’s sisters had undergone surgery, but it didn’t prove to be very helpful. And the genetic disorder includes a collagen deficiency, which makes healing from surgery a very slow and difficult process.

After much discussion and consideration, her owners decided to seek for veterinary ophthalmologist’s support.

This Rare Eye Condition Gives This Critter The "Alien-Look"After that, Matilda’s eyes have “changed and evolved constantly”. Her left eye soon followed the right, and the lens luxated, rendering her blind. This made the poor cat sad and she became withdrawn for a couple of days. Despite using eyedrops to reduce the pressure and pain, she was visibly distressed. The owners got very worried, but thankfully, Matilda became her regular self again after two days.

Still, the owners have set up a GoFundMe page for Matilda, just to be prepared in case she does need surgery some day.

To prepare for the day that she needs serious medical care, we are hoping to put away some funds so that help is readily available as soon as she needs it. She takes medicine to make sure she can keep her eyes functioning as well as she can, but inevitably will need surgery to remove them.”

vFor the meantime, Matilda’s owners take her to see a vet regularly and to see an ophthalmologist when necessary. She is always up to date on her checkups and shots, and they watch her very closely to notice any changes in behaviour that might suggest that she’s uncomfortable.

However, as we all know, behind every cloud has a silver lining, Matilda’s case is no difference. The cat’s rare condition has given her a very unique, if somewhat creepy alien look that people can’t get enough of. It has helped Matilda join the ranks of feline Internet stars like Garfield.


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