This Solar Cell Is As Light As Soap Bubble

Researchers have created an extremely slim, super flexible, and lightweight photovoltaic cells that can rest on top of soap bubbles without splitting them. Cells this slim and light might ultimately be positioned nearly everywhere from smart clothing to helium balloons.

This Solar Cell Is As Light As Soap Bubble

It may be so gentle that you simply don’t know that it’s there, on your shirt or on your laptop. These cells might merely be an extra feature with the existing structures,” explained one of the scientists, Vladimir Bulović from MIT.

It’s that flexibility which makes the experiment very thrilling. Even when it’s still merely a proof-of-idea at this time. Crucial towards the brand new cell’s development may be the method the scientists have mixed producing the solar-cell itself, the substrate that facilitates it, its all in one procedure, and its own protective layer.

One benefit is the fact that by developing the substrate and the cell together, the former could be guarded from dust and other contaminants. A typical flexible plastic named parylene was utilized as both substrate and overcoating, while a natural substance named DBP (dibutyl phthalate) was utilized as the main lighting-absorbing coating.

This Solar Cell Is As Light As Soap Bubble

Aside from conventional approaches in manufacturing solar cell, the whole procedure takes place at a room temperature vacuum chamber without using any chemicals or solvents. Vapour deposition methods – where pressure, heat, and chemical reactions produce a really thin layer of a specific substance – are accustomed to develop the solar cell and the substrate together.

The MIT group claims that it is this method, as opposed to the supplies used, which makes the development to be very significant.

This Solar Cell Is As Light As Soap BubbleThe flexible and ultra-thin cells end products are simply 1/5 of the thickness of the human hair and 1/1000 of the thickness of current cells that are glass-based, however they may transform sunlight into electricity.

Based on the brand new procedure – that has taken decades to master –this vacuum-based coating might be utilized to accumulate solar cells on top of paper, fabric, or just about any additional substance. At high altitude environment or in space, where weight is essential, these cells might have a major part to play.

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