This ‘Unicorn Woman’ Has 5-Inch Horn Growing Out Of Her Head

Meet Liang Xiuzhen, the 87-year-old elderly from Southwest China, being dubbed as the”Unicorn Woman”.

This 'Unicorn Woman' Has 5-Inch Horn Growing Out Of Her HeadThis elderly woman made Chinese doctors baffled by the bizarre, five-inch growth that sprouted on the woman’s head. Doctors weren’t able to explain the weird, pointed stuff on her head but it bears a resemblance to a unicorn’s horn! 

According to her son, Wang Chaojun, it all started when Xiuzhen developed a mole on her head about eight years ago.

My mother complained about this mole-like growth on her head that itched all the time. We found ways to cure her itch using traditional Chinese medicine, and then left it be,” said Wang Chaojun.

This 'Unicorn Woman' Has 5-Inch Horn Growing Out Of Her HeadHowever, matters got out of hand two years ago, when a tiny horn-like mass erupted out of the mole. It was quite small up until this February, when Xiuzhen accidentally broke it. Since then, a new horn has been rapidly growing in its place, that now measures a five inches in length.

Now the horn hurts my mother and prevents her from sleeping. It also bleeds from time to time,” Wang Chaojun said.

Chines doctors diagnosed the so-called unicorn horn as “cornu cutaneum” (cutaneous horn), a keratinous skin tumour that has the appearance of a horn. Often small and benign, the growth can in some cases be much larger and malignant.

This 'Unicorn Woman' Has 5-Inch Horn Growing Out Of Her HeadChaojun admitted that doctors believe they can remove the growth through surgery, but the family has its reservations due to Xiuzhen’s old age and are considering other options.

My mother is old, and the horn is on her head which is a very sensitive area. I’m not confident [in the idea of] surgery. If something goes wrong [during surgery], it would be terrible,” he explained.

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