To The Single People Waiting For Love


Looking pensive because you’re alone? Don’t feel miserable my friend. This article helps you realize the perks of being single.

To the single people out there, waiting for love, appreciate your solo status. Single doesn’t mean less-than. Single is whole. You are everything, now, in this moment: fully formed, a force to be reckoned with, all you need to be – and will ever need to be – in one perfect soul. Always, remember that it is always better to be single but inspired rather than committed but confused.

Also remember that you are enough. You are complete. And you are loved!

But despite all of this, you feel that something’s missing, right? So, better yet, admit the fact that you are looking for love, anyway. Yes you are. Own it. Own the fact that you are so in love with your life that the only thing better than having these experiences alone would be to have these experiences to share with somebody who matters. However, the question is, where are they now?

The right person is on their way now. It might not be today, or even tomorrow – and that’s exactly how it should be. You’re not with the person of your life because you are the person of your life. They are extra. It will happen when it happens.

Don’t sit and wait. Don’t simply pass the time until they arrive. You are worth a thousand more dreams than that. Continue with full speed ahead, to be wonderful and to be YOU. You have to be in full colour, already so that they can spot you in the otherwise black-and-white crowd.

You’ll need days, weeks, years, or even a lifetime to fill the details you have missed. But still it won’t be enough. Store up your stories for late-night pillow talk and early morning murmurs. Do some work to be at your best self, so that, you’ll know how to fill the spaces in your togetherness because you learned to be comfortable with your aloneness. You’ll never need them to survive, right?

After that, what you’ve learned will make you even better for them. Weathering a storm of uncertainty will make you a stronger anchor for when they lose their job, and need you’ll be the strong one for a while. If you pay attention to the beauty of your journey – to work, through life – you’ll never be short on ways to brighten their day.

Until one day, you’ll finally meet the one you’ve been waiting for all this time. Your “the one” will embrace you, and they will thank you. They will thank you for holding on in there, for waiting, for not settling with something less-than when they were right around your corner, prepared to be your more-than. They’ll say thank you for trusting that it was they who would come. And every last moment of doubt will disappear like a cloudless vapor.

As an after thought, don’t rush things. Let those things unfold in front of you because if they are destined for you, then it’s meant for you.



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