TOP 10 Artsy Christmas Tree. #6 Bested Them All!

Deck your home with a festive cheer because Christmas is almost here! Oh yes, it sure does! Are you up to something crafty in store? Nah, don’t be! Christmas trees are a holiday staple yet they can be messy, pricey and perhaps non space-friendly. Whether you’re looking to save money, get artsy or make room for holiday festivities, these Make-Your-Own Artsy Christmas tree options may suit your creative taste.

Check out awesome ideas below.


1. Here’s a whimsical idea perfect for home improvement junkies. A ladder could make a rustic twist on your Christmas trees. See how vintage it looks like.


The Ladder Tree


2. Show off your favorite book collections in a Christmas tree display. Here’s a clever idea that used a drill and a dowel to keep repurposed books in place.


The Bookworm Tree



3. Paper Christmas Tree out of  tissue paper strips around the house.


Tissue Paper Tree


4. Balls, balls, balls. What a merry idea! Hang ornaments from the ceiling for a modern tree mobile using balls.



Mobile Tree


5. White layered papers give a White Christmas Vibe and save space for those who want a small tree.


Paper Tree


6. If you’re planning of placing your hangers to junk, think again. An empty wall makes the perfect canvas for a festive grouping of wire hangers and Christmas lights. How many hangers do you need to create this?


Wire Hanger Tree


7. Cheap, Green and Joyful! This eco-friendly Christmas idea was made using an old cardboard box. A few lights were added to turn it into a tiny yuletide treasure.


Bottle-It-Up Tree

8. Deck the walls with hanging family photos and trinkets…fa lala..lala..lala..



The Family Photo Tree

 9. ‘Tis the Season to Get Scrappy! You’d love this cheerful tree created with old wood scraps that were dyed green. A DIY cement base made from stepping stone mix.


The Scrappy Wood Tree


10. O Chalk-mas Tree! Who needs a real or fake tree when you have a blackboard?


Chalk-y Christmas Tree

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