Try This Simple Math Tricks, You’ll Surely Get Your Friends This Time

Have you ever attempted on talking about current vents and some Neko Atsume updates with your best buddies? Try testing them with these simple and awesome math tricks. And for those of you who recalled it from your good old-school days, high five! 

Try This Simple Math Tricks, You'll Surely Get Your Friends This TimeSo, the trick goes like this:

Think of any number from 1 to 10 (notice: this technique works with ANY NUMBER, but keeping it small makes it easier for your buddies to do the maths in their mind).
Multiply the number by 2.
Add it with 8.
Divide the sum total number by 2.
Lastly, minus the original number you were thinking.

Be astonished as Tricklandia lets you know the exact number you thought of.

He’ll run over the trick once more, this time around requesting you to add 16 for your doubled number, after which running through the exact same procedure earlier.

If you believe you have got him this time around… don’t be fooled because one can never beat Tricklandia.

So, does it always work? I will let the clip below clarify that for you, but let us simply state that the number you told them to add, be it 8, 16, 200, or 35,00, is the secret to do the trick, and that the remaining steps are actually some clever misdirection.

Easy does it?

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