Uganda’s Ugliest Man Blessed With 8 Kids

Meet Godfrey Baguma, also known as, “Uganda’s ugliest man” that got married and became a father for the eighth time.

Uganda's Ugliest Man Blessed With 8 KidsThe 47-year-old Godfrey has suffered from a rare medical condition which gives him his unusual looks since his childhood. He got his nickname, Ssebabi, which means “the ugliest man alive”, from a contest saying that he could make more money since he could become a tourist attraction. He agreed with it and indeed won. He felt good about it because for him, it is an honour.

Godfrey has 2 kids from his first marriage that unfortunately went from separation. After which, he met the 18-year-old Nemanda and have decided to hide away with her for 4 years.

I stayed with her four years before people knew where she was. I didn’t want them to see me until we had a child because they would definitely advise her to leave me. She left me when she was six months pregnant but I think she later accepted her fate because she came back two months later. I told her that I didn’t choose to look the way I do and that if she feels I am a burden, she is free to leave me,” said Godfrey.

Uganda's Ugliest Man Blessed With 8 KidsThis couple is truly a good example of the famous aphorism, “Love is Blind”, when the two tied the knot in 2013. The ceremony took place at Godfrey’s hometown in Kyazanga, Lwengo District of Uganda. But in order for guests or residents to attend the wedding and to finally meet the woman that Uganda’s ugliest man had married, the guests guests had to pay 4,000 Ugandan shillings (around $1.10). 

WHOAH! That explains the controversy!

Uganda's Ugliest Man Blessed With 8 KidsJust like any family, Godfrey and Kate had their ups and downs. They even lived separately for some time, as Kate’s relatives did not like her choice. But now that the loving couple have peacefully live in a small house, bringing up all 6 children and trying to make both ends meet, Kate agreed to welcome and raise Godfrey’s other 2 kids from his previous marriage.

Once you find a man you think is right for you, do not listen to what other people say. Follow your heart. Money and physical appearance should not be an issue,” says Kate.



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