This Video Seems Fictional, But It’s Actually FACTUAL!

This Video Seems Fictional, But It's Actually FACTUAL!


“Facts” floating around on the Internet are sometimes verifiable and true. Yet, some are just concealing reality thru the aid of modern technology. Yes, you were once fooled, ADMIT IT!

We are all very confident that we can tell the difference between a fact and a fiction. Nonetheless, we are often mislead. We’re inclined from being deceived, especially if the articles we’ve read and the videos we’ve watched catches every bit of our attention. 

But, don’t fret just yet!  In this video, a chock-full of facts that, upon first glance, seem false, but are actually completely correct. Sometimes things that sound totally ridiculous are also totally true. 

This Video Seems Fictional, But It's Actually FACTUAL!

Yes Granny, but don’t worry, you’ll get over it!

This video seems fictional, but it’s actually factual! See it with your own eyes!


Maybe you knew all of these were true, that’s fine you smarty-pants. But still, you have to admit there are some pretty crazy facts out there, and some pretty reasonable-sounding myths you didn’t know were. Just be sure to decipher on what’s fictional and what’s factual!  



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