Vietnamese Twins Discovered To Have Different Fathers

A pair of twins from Vietnam have now been discovered to possess different dads. As amazing as this really is, the thing about that tale is the fact that it isn’t the very first time on the planet that this medical phenomenon has occurred, based on BBC News.

Vietnamese Twins Discovered To Have Different Fathers

When the two nonidentical male twins were born, their family realized that neither one of them appeared nothing like his relatives. Following a DNA examination, it had been established that the two infants were certainly half-brothers.

Non-identical twins happen when two different sperm fertilizes two egg cells, however the two sperm cells almost always belong with the exact same guy. This significantly rarer kind of maternity, referred to as heteropaternal superfecundation, happens whenever two males inside a really short time of period – fertilize a female’s eggs usually within 48 hours.


Vietnamese Twins Discovered To Have Different Fathers

According to the one who conducted the DNA testing, president of the Hanoi-based Vietnam Genetic Association, Professor Le Dinh Luong,

There are only lower than 10 known cases of this type of bizarre birth. There might be other cases but the parents and/or the twins were not aware of it or didn’t want to announce it.

Stranger things have occurred as peculiar as this one. Just like what happened last year, a guy failed a paternity test since his unborn twin turned out to be the biological father of his child.

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