Watch A Huge Maggot Found Inside This Woman’s Swollen Lip

Our body has several openings that are very much essential in keeping us alive. We have the nostrils for breathing, we feed ourselves through the mouth, and we have the ear canal to help us hear clearly.
Because of that, we need to take care of them, otherwise, these openings can be infected and can even get infested with insects. Just like this one!
Watch A Huge Maggot Found Inside This Woman's Swollen Lip
Oh well, there’s a lot of cases when small objects get stuck in the nostrils, especially among children when they play and that they aren’t aware of the consequences. But it is really shocking to hear that a tightly-sealed upper lip is infested with a maggot.
Watch A Huge Maggot Found Inside This Woman's Swollen Lip
Oral Myasis is a rare condition wherein the fly larvae or maggots infest the tissue of the oral cavity. These maggots live by feeding on the host’s tissue, be it alive or dead. 
Myasis, comes from the Latin word “myia” which means fly and “iasis” which means disease. Oral Myasis is also known as pseudomyiasis, the transmission often happens when the eggs or larvae are on the food. 
In the video below, a girl who is having a swollen, itchy upper lip was told to see a doctor. Using a pair of tweezers the doctor then slowly extracted the larvae inside her mouth.

However, the doctor claimed that removing the larvae is not easy as it seems. He needed to tug in circular motions just to get the larvae out. The woman, on the other hand, remained calm despite the fact that the treatment was painful. After several twist and turns, the doctor finally removed the maggot that is one-inch in size. 
Whoaaaah! Are you kidding me? G-R-O-S-S!
Watch A Huge Maggot Found Inside This Woman's Swollen Lip
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