Watch: Blood-Filled “Living Rock” Being Cut Open

This weird and freakish ocean creature may not be unable to satisfy the nonsense your pet rock could never surpass in to.

The movie below displays the rock like Pyura chilensis of Peru and Chile being cut up to expose its blood red insides. It’s worth remembering, however, that the body is not really that red. Its body has excessively high levels of the rare chemical called vanadium. The red “blood” here is apparently the tissue of the said creature.

Watch: Blood-Filled "Living Rock" Being Cut Open

This particular sea creature is one of the member of the Ascidiacea class, just like that of sea squirts. These animals have no central brain, they have a very minimal nervous system, they cannot move nor transfer from one spot to another, and they filter feed by merely sucking microorganisms out of seawater. We would not recommendcutting up such sea creatures (or any animals) just like in the video you are about to see.

The sex life of the small, immobile rock monster is properly strange if you may envision. All of which are created as males, nevertheless they become hermaphrodite when they reached puberty. While it becomes time for them to get right down to business, they spurt out a cloud of eggs and sperm in to the water. But, if there is a Pyura chilensis alone, it’ll reproduce through self-fertilization with itself.

Watch: Blood-Filled "Living Rock" Being Cut Open

That reddish muscle is clearly handled as a delicacy in some areas of Chile when this creature gets into your tastebuds, described to have a “slightly bitter, soapy taste.” 

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