Watch: E-Cigarette Exploded Into This Man’s Pants

All of us have our vices, and some of which are quite unusual. Some people prefer to exercise exceptionally, some people prefer to over eat, some people prefer to strike the bottle, plus some people prefer to smoke. To those who prefer smoking, we’ve known about the dangers of overdoing anything for a long time now, and how everything should be taken in moderation.

Watch: E-Cigarette Exploded Into This Man's Pants

Fortunately, with today’s technology on our aspect we’ve had the opportunity to locate some options to smoking cigarette. There are lots of methods to prevent purchasing cigarettes today. You can vape, which is really a good option or you can buy momentary e-cigarettes to shake off that tobacco itch. But sadly, with one of these kinds of systems there’s been a significant drawback that’s been delivering individuals to the emergency room. Take a look at the video of a guy making a routine stop at a local Kentucky gas station.

Watch: E-Cigarette Exploded Into This Man's Pants

The victim, Josh Hamilton was approaching a Shell gas station counter in Owensboro, Kentucky when his pants started to spark like a piccolo pete. The trousers rapidly went in flames. The surveillance camera showed that JOsh was struggling to take his pants off as he runs outside. Fortunately, the gasoline station workers were there to help extinguish the fireplace while some appeared on in distress before things got any worse. Hamilton was taken up to a nearby hospital to deal with the second degree burns from his exploding e-cigarette battery.

But mind you guys, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. A guy was smoking his vaporizer when it exploded right into his face sending him into a coma.

For some reason, these vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are designed with coils that overheat easily causing severe burns and injuries to their users. It looks like whoever is designing these things needs to go back to the drawing board and make sure that these devices have the proper cooling technology, or we could see a large amount of lawsuits headed in the direction of alternative smoking devices. Regardless, we’re glad Josh was able to avoid becoming the crotch version of Two-Face. Get well soon man!

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