Watch: Man Produces Electric Sparks In Mid-Air

Creating and controlling lightning and shooting electric sparks are usually one of superheroes’ powers, but a man in Winsconsin defies all that as he uploaded a video that shows his ability to create sparks from his fingertips in mid-air.

Man, he’s just like Electro from the Amazing Spider Man.

So, what exactly is happening here?

Apparently, Rudy Moore was quite on the spot when he revealed that it is just static electricity, but there is not less to it. As what you do not notice in the video is the fact that Moore returned later to frozen Lake Monona in Wisconsin just to determine if the same task might occur again – but failed to see it. Since it’s not the snow or the ice that’s causing the energy that is – everything you observe in the footage above is just a weather phenomenon called St Elmo’s Fire.

It happens when the atmosphere becomes unusually charged, usually as a result of a nearby storm. In some instances, the atoms within the air may become ionized that electrons jump in the ground – or a hand, in this instance – and also the atmosphere is attempting to keep the balance. This is just the same to what goes on whenever you get an electric shock.

Watch: Man Produces Electric Sparks In Mid-AirIt may trigger the electrons within the nitrogen to create a stunning blue colors, if enough energy is launched.

In this man’s scenario, a nearby snowstorm had created the atmosphere surrounding Moore and his buddies super charged, and also the distinction in control between their bodies was excellent enough to create the St Elmo’s Fire phenomenon.

Often this stuff is observed by pilots once they fly-through a thunderstorm, therefore it is quite amazing that Moore was able to catch it on film.

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