Watch These Elders Turned A Delayed Flight Into A Delightful Surprise

We’ve seen a lot of surprise performances on planes and trains. But we’ve never seen anything like this barbershop quartet’s a cappella performance of the golden oldie ‘Under the Boardwalk’ before!

Flight attendant Kari Mann said that their plane, which was headed from Indianapolis to New Orleans, was delayed for maintenance after everyone had boarded on Jan. 7.

Due to the delay, the passengers obviously might have been irritated to be unexpectedly held on the runway for long. It’s definitely too boring sitting in the airplane doing nothing, waiting the plane to take off. However, all their boredom came to an end when some undercover entertainers in the same plane came in the limelight!

Kari Mann said that she started talking to the passengers and discovered that The Quartet of Port City Sound Barbershop was on the plane.

Watch These Elders Turned A Delayed Flight Into A Delightful Surprise

Walt Dowling, Fred Moore, Jim Curtis and Jim Simpson began singing, and Mann said passengers began recording the impromptu concert.

Hats off to these quartet who turned what could have been a negative situation into a positive event. The harmonies will blow you away. Kudos to Port City Sound. Who else out there wishes they were on board to witness this amazing performance live?


Watch how these elders turned a delayed flight into a delightful surprise in the video below:




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