WATCH: Vampire Squirrel Caught On Cam

Scientists caught something pretty crazy on film: A squirrel that allegedly takes down a vampire-style.

Like, really? Well, maybe not really.

WATCH: Vampire Squirrel Caught On CamAll of the reports of the “vampiric” activity of this Bornean tufted ground squirrel (Rheithrosciurus macrotis) have come to scientists and have yet to observe the animal doing its thing.

Folklore in Borneo and Indonesia says the squirrel will even kill Muntjac deer by slashing at the arteries on its neck with sharp teeth and even disemboweling the carcass. However, with one of the fluffiest tails of all mammals, it hardly looks like a vicious blood-sucking vampire though. 

According to The Daily Mail report, in the footage it is thought to be foraging through the leaf litter for the nuts of the canarium tree. It suggests while the ‘vampire squirrel’ has a specialized diet, it may not be quite what the local legends suggest.

WATCH: Vampire Squirrel Caught On CamInstead canarium nuts are extremely hard and it is unclear how the creatures manage to gnaw through them.

Dr Andrew Marshall, a conservation biologist at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, who was part of the team that captured the footage, said the video may help to dispel some of the stories surrounding the squirrel.

I would be very surprised if it were true,” he told the journal Science.

Erik Meijaard, a conservation scientist with People and Nature Consulting International in Jakarta and the Australian National University, has been studying the squirrels for several years. In a research paper for the journal Taprobanica, he said the stories of the squirrel’s vampiric tendencies came from local hunters in Borneo who has themselves hunted the species for their meat and impressive tail.

He said the native populations consider the squirrel to be ‘quite fierce’, which may be where its reputation stems from.

Oh well, see the video below and see if it really has that vampire-look or vampire-moves. 

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