When Bruno Mars Meets Mini Bruno Mars

If your kid is cute enough, there’s always a chance that he or she will become a viral sensation and land a spot on Ellen to show off their cuteness for the daytime talk show host and her audience. Like the case of the 6-year-old Kai Langer!

In all things adorable and heart-warming: six-year-old Kai Langer’s dreams came true when he got to sing along with his music idol Bruno Mars! We’re telling you right now, the clip below will make you smile — even if you think it’s totally inappropriate for a pint-sized kid to be saying “damn,” even if he’s wearing a fancy fedora.

When Bruno Mars Meets Mini Bruno Mars

Here’s how it all began, in case you don’t know it:

Kai Langer, is from Woodland, Texas and caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres in 2013 after a video of him singing Mars’ tune “Grenade” went viral. Of course, the host invited the little man onto her show — a few times. He’s worn a cool hat and big smile every time. He even asked Ellen to be his girlfriend on the show. It’s cute, alright!

Until finally, he was introduced to his hero, Bruno Mars.
When Bruno Mars Meets Mini Bruno Mars

Kai and Bruno sang “Uptown Funk” together on a couch backstage.. It was super cute and super funky. Kai Langer knew every word, although he kind of stumbled over some of them. When they got to the chorus, Kai Langer was very excited about the “I’m too hot!” parts, but he was very shy around the “hot damns.” This might have been because his parents taught him that’s a bad word he shouldn’t say.It looks like Kai has a future as a singer in his own right.

Afterward, Ellen gave Kai his own pink suit and fedora so he could dress like Bruno in the music video for the song, as well as a little wig with curlers in it that he could wear. Kai Langer looked really happy when she put the wig on his head. 

 Ain’t he swag enough?!

When Bruno Mars Meets Mini Bruno Mars



Watch the adorable duo in the video below, “When Bruno Mars Meets Mini Bruno Mars” :

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