When wedding bells won’t ring: Groom Puts Off The Wedding After Seeing His Bride! EPIC FAIL!

A simple joke that leads to a premature end to a special day!


One can never believe how this Chinese Wedding fail.


If you were this groom, what will you do? Would it be, “Love till we wither or Hate if you’ve already withered?”

Brieds Old Age Prank Backfires

Chinese man, Guo Chien swept his young bride off her feet when he told her he wanted to spend his life with her until they grow old together.  However,  for a love story to to be truer than anything else one must test the other. So, the bride-to-be, Qing Kao, made a ridiculous stunt.

Brieds Old Age Prank Backfires

A bride’s attempted prank on her husband on their wedding day backfired massively after he erupted in furious anger at her attempted joke.

The couple had agreed to have their wedding photographs taken in advance at various places around the city of Shenzhen when they turned up for their first shoot. Guo Chien, was already prepared for their pre-wedding photo shoot that he wore his best suit and is certainly in his best. Yet, he was surprised to see his bride to be, who showed up with a make-up that looks like an old lady with gray hair, pale skin and wrinkles.

Think her prank worked? Think again!

The couple ended up having a furious argument.



Untroubled by the fact that the duo were out in public, Guo Chien erupted and launched a cruel attack on his bride to be. This was while passers-by, shoppers, schoolchildren, and a huge pack of people walked along the street near-by.

Obviously, Qing Kao didn’t believe that her partner would have react in this manner. And she explained as much to local media when they asked what had caused the turmoil.

“I thought he would laugh and see it as a joke but he was furious, and told me there was no way he would have photographs with me looking like that. He then got in a taxi and left.”

The heartbroken bride became hysterical as the pre-wedding shoot turned into a “day of tears”. She was left alone in her wedding dress crying and squatting down on the street.


Brieds Old Age Prank Backfires

Witnesses said that Chien told his fiancee Kao to wash off the make-up on his face but Kao refuses to do it. The bride added that if he truly loved her after 50 years, it should be okay with him to take photos. They were arguing in the street and by passers were looking at them. Then Chien realized that their debate is going nowhere, so he decided to leave and abandoned Kao.

What an unforgettable experience!

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