Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?

Normal is boring! So, everyone needed someone who’s a little weird. Don’t we?

Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?Sorry, I don’t like to break this up to you but, NO ONE wants to date someone having a lame personality. (There I said it!) Dating is really about finding someone who is just as weird as you, so that both of you can become a weird duo that annoys everyone else with your unique, weird love.

Quirky people might be a little socially awkward, and maybe the first time you introduced them to your parents, things didn’t go so well, but they always win everyone over with their wackiness. This personality is a major turn on to men.

Here’s why wacky girls are the best.

Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?

Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?


1. They are never boring.

Wacky girls are not afraid to break out a song or dance. Girls, you’re showing him that you’re comfortable with him by acting goofy around him. He’ll think the action is cute. Everyday you learn something new about them because she’s playful and always on the go. Having this kid of attitude is fun to be with.

Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?


2. Their conversations are never lame

With those random laughs, men would wonder  what you find so funny. Once a guy gets to know you, he’ll realize that your laughter can come at anytime. For them, it’s always nice to see a girl with a bright, sincere smile.

Wacky girls always have a unique perspective on things as basic as morning coffee and daily food trips through as complex as foreign policy. The two of you could talk for hours without having a hard time looking for another subject just to fill the void.

Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?


3. They turn you on to new things

They can take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to new foods, hobbies, music, books, or even trying some weird childish games.

Believe it or not, getting excited over little things in life is adorable to men. Some people might find this annoying, but others will think it makes you downright lovable!

Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?


4. Their weird habits are actually extremely charming

Taking a shower twice a day or compulsively eat a Kit-Kat in the morning or even talking into yourself, all of these are kind of cute and only wacky girls can perform these.

Some people will call you nuts for talking to yourself yet others will find it very interesting. Saying little things to yourself, making silly sound effects or doing things way differently from a typical girl, men will find every little thing you do so disarming, it hurts.

Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?


5. They’re incredibly passionate

Whatever they throw themselves into, they do it 100%, whether it’s volunteering at an animal shelter or making some kind of a song cover and post it on YouTube, that winds up the flavor in a really good way somehow. A girl’s playfullness will keep him on his toes. He won’t be able to predict your next move, which will keep him interested.

For men, these kind of girls are entertaining.

Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?


6. They’re sexy

Sexy in an “I don’t really care” kind of way. Such as wearing hipster glasses or a uniquely patterned dress can look adorable if done the right way. As long as you feel comfortable in it, that’s all that matters. If fandom shirts are your thing, then wear them as much as possible. Men love women who aren’t afraid of being themselves. Being cute in a totally trendy-but-alternative way, probably a little damaged and a lot kooky.

Girl, believe me, you are worth it.

Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?


7. You’re constantly going on adventures.

You’ve gotten lost trying to have a visit or go biking into some crazy-beautiful picnic spot but she’s always there, ready to share her wildest ideas of adventures. Being knowledgeable about semi-obscure adventure, is indeed an admiring, one-of-a-kind trait.

Why Do Guys Love Dating Wacky Girls?


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