Why Living In With Your Partner Makes Your Bodies Alike

According to a new study, living in with your partner can cause your bodies to become similar. It has been said that that both of your immune system would tend to become closely matched, which probably due to the fact that you’re sharing similar rituals everyday (eg., food, bed, toilet, and exercise routines).

Why Living In With Your Partner Makes Your Bodies Alike

Studying the immune systems of 670 people in the span of 3 years, the researchers in Belgium have discovered that couples with children have less than 50% difference in their immune systems compared to some randomly paired couples with the same demographics. Although, live in partners were not included, the researchers believed that results would yield the same trends.

The objective of their study was to achieve further understanding on how various environmental factors play in treating diseases like dementia and diabetes.

Why Living In With Your Partner Makes Your Bodies Alike

Living in with your partner would most likely develop quite the same routine, something known as spousal concordance. Liston and his team have shown that these shared lifestyle routines, along with shared living conditions greatly affect our immune systems.

More so, the researchers have also found out that having children is an important factor. According to lead researcher Adrian Liston,

That is something that prospective parents needs to consider. All the stress, chronic infections, sleep deprivation, other stressors of parenting does more to our body than giving us grey hairs. I believe that any parent of a nursery or school age child can appreciate the effect a child has on one’s immune system!”

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