Women In Hong Kong Stare At The Sun To Lose Weight

10 women have been spotted staring directly at the sun for half an hour right before sunset on a beach in Sam Ka Village, Lei Yue Mun in Hong Kong this is because drinking vegetable juices or using high-pressure oxygen chamber for them are obsolete methods in losing weight.

Can somebody explain why?

Women In Hong Kong Stare At The Sun To Lose WeightThe “sun therapy” is believed to be of European origin, which suggests that looking at the sun will provide you with enough solar energy to substitute for calories from real food. So dieters are hoping that if they stare at the sun long enough, they could skip eating entirely. Certain religious groups believe it can also improve eyesight and sleep quality as well.

Women In Hong Kong Stare At The Sun To Lose WeightA frequent beachgoer, named Wing, said he often sees a group of 10 women, aged around 20 to 30 and all dressed in office attire, come to the beach. They arrive at two different times of day – either in the morning or in the early evening – and stare directly at the sun.

Wing said that he sun-gazers always take their shoes off and put on sunglasses. They then set a timer on their phone and stand in a line. Some, perhaps absorbing too much solar energy, will fan themselves or use tissue paper to cover up their faces.

Apparently these sun-believers do not wear sunglasses after all, opting for pinhole glasses instead, which they believe do not let in enough UV rays to cause permanent damage to their eyesight.

Women In Hong Kong Stare At The Sun To Lose WeightHowever, one sun-gazer said that she did it for health reasons, but not for weight loss.

We practice sun-gazing as a substitute for eating. Some of us who have finished the therapy now eat less, and others don’t have to eat at all!”


Women In Hong Kong Stare At The Sun To Lose WeightShe explained that they start looking at the sun for up to 10 seconds on the first day, adding 10 seconds every day until they reach 44 minutes by the ninth month.

The practice of sun gazing, however, seems to contradict every bit of scientific advice about not spending too much time in the sun, let alone staring at it directly. But the gazers say they’re able to protect themselves by using pinhole glasses, which they believe will minimize their exposure to UV rays.

Doctors, of course, aren’t convinced, especially because of the sub-tropical location of Hong Kong and the sea bouncing back sun rays. Indeed, if history is any indication, these gazers are actually putting themselves at quite a risk by substituting meals for sunlight. A few years ago, we saw how a Swiss woman named Anna Gut had starved to death while trying to live on light alone.


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