World’s First Washable Smartphone

It could look all bright and fresh, but your smartphone might be among the filthiest things you own. The amount of bacteria and viruses it bears is disgustingly plenty, which is likely why there is a Japanese firm targeting germaphobes together with the world’s first washable smartphone.

World's First Washable SmartphoneYes folks, a WASHABLE smart phone!

The Snapdragon 410 processor, 5- inch telephone, called Digno Rafre, is set to be released in Japan by the tech company – Kyocera Telecom – this week. It’s USP is the fact that it’s waterproof resistant, so that it can be extensively washed under running water. There’s no risk of water from entering inside the device because it is entirely covered to prevent bubbles and water from getting in. It doesn’t even have a speaker, relying instead on a Smart Sonic receiver that transmits sound through vibrations on the phone’s screen. The built-in 13MP camera is also waterproof.

The washable smartphone (apart from it’s washable property) is also ideal for children, for folks who are cumbersome and keep dropping their phones everywhere, or even to those who like to take bathtub selfies. It even includes a unique rubber duck-shaped floating stand.

World's First Washable SmartphoneTo wash the phone, the company suggested to gently rub it with soap foam all over before thoroughly rinsing it with plain water. And, as an added bonus, there’s no danger of scratching the phone, because its plastic back cover is supposed to be self-healing.

Digno Rafre, which comes with 16GB storage, 2GB RAM, plus a 2MP top camera costs ¥57,420 (about $467), however isn’t available outside Japan. The business has released no ideas of delivering the system in international markets, but if interests are high enough, who knows?

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