World’s Most Dangerous Foods

Whether you’re chowing down on a cut of pizza or having a spoonful of ice cream, food could taste very delightful. However, at some point of our lives we’ve met that one risk-taker who would always try any bizarre food or cuisine at least once, they are known as the adventurous eater. But the question is: Are they willing to risk their life for it?

Foods can be pretty deadly. No, I’m not talking about choking on an olive, or obtaining a fish bone inside your throat, I’m referring to the toxins found in foods.

From monkey brains to hot dogs, we’ve compiled a list of the world’s most dangerous foods, shedding light on where they’re from, how deadly they can be, and the safest way to eat them.

Go ahead and pick your poison. Check out The World’s Most Dangerous Foods.

World's Most Dangerous FoodsIndeed, we have come to expect unusual sounding animals and fruits from the depths of the rain-forest to have deadly dining consequences, but there are ‘regular’ foods that should come with a warning sign too.

Elderberries, cashews and rhubarb leaves have made it onto the list – of the world’s most dangerous foods – that people should absolutely avoid or take extreme care when eating.

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