10 Most Creepy YouTube Videos Of All Time

10 Most Creepy YouTube Videos Of All TimeA friendly reminder to those who are about to view the videos below. Please do turn off the lights, put on headphones, and do not make any sleep plans for the next few days. These are some of the most freaky and terrifying videos that YouTube has to offer. Some claim to be real while others are obviously staged, but either way, you’re about to be scared.



1. The Real Life Exorcism Of Annelise Michel


2. What happens next when all the lights are switched off?


3. The Monstrous Snake


4. The Ghost at Disneyland


5. The Girl


6. The Japanese Girl in the Mirror


7. The Creaking Door


8. The Spiders


9. The Angel


10. The Mirror



via The Creepy Catalog

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