6 Images Of Gruesome Body Art

Today’s new trend includes, body alterations using Photoshop. Correct me if I’m wrong with this.

People are editing and retouching their images to appear skinnier, curvier, tanner, giving themselves the looks they yearn for. But Dutch photographer Juuke Schoorl, decided to take a step back from this over-exploited, mainstream technique. She focuses on a more unique and brilliant way of exploring the aesthetic possibilities of human skin.

From an article, Juuke said,

By manipulating this curious stretchable material with various low budget materials like nylon fishing rope and cello tape I am able to temporarily shape it into surprising textures and shapes. Highlighting not only it’s flexibility and adaptability but also it’s function as our own biological upholstery that aside from it’s protective capabilities could also serve as a medium for aesthetic expression, possibly in the form of a dress less fashion.


Explore the aesthetic possibilities of the human skin through a mixture of image capturing techniques! Brace yourselves with this BIZARRE images! Super Bizarre that  it gives you GOOSEBUMPS!

Juukeschoorlrek3.inline yes

Juuke used the adhesive tape to wrap the model’s skin. (Rawr!)

Juukeschoorlrek4.inline yes

Juuke used several fishing ropes in this model’s skin. (Yay!)

Juukeschoorlrek6.inline yes

According to the artist, skin is a stretchable material and we should be searching for new ways to explore its beauty. (Way to go SKIN!)

Juukeschoorlrek2.inline yes

Juukeschoorlrek1.inline yes

Juuke says that playing with textures and shapes of the skin made her realize it’s much more flexible and malleable than we think. (Say what?!)

Juukeschoorlrek5.inline yes

No, it’s not acupuncture. Just Nylon! (Nah!It ain’t painful!)




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