7 Guidelines on “HOW TO BE THE BEST EX EVER!”

Oh YES! Every relationship is different but one thing’s for sure: ALL BREAK-UPS SUCK! Dealing with the pain to find out that you are never ever getting back together. LIKE, EVER!
Here’s the 7 Guidelines on “HOW TO BE THE BEST EX EVER!”


1. Don’t indulge in trash talk!

No need to spill your ex’s secrets (i.e. he memorized the whole Frozen album) to your Facebook friends or to your next boyfriend. After the breakup, take time to release all your #FEELS to your support group and then keep them there. I repeat, keep ’em there!



2. Be honest with yourself.

Feel what you feel and let it all out! Yeah, you can take the Miley Cyrus route and squirm naked on a wrecking ball… but then again, who has the time to find a wrecking ball? And is it even hygienic to lick a sledgehammer? What a waste of red lipstick! Why not go get a drink and cry it to your friends, or bust out an Adele album, instead? Just remember to give the pity parties a deadline.



3. Cut off all contact. Cut Off ALL the CRAP.

The person whom you used to call for advice and share your secrets with is now DEAD! Or as Gotye puts it, “Just somebody that you used to know.” Maybe you’ll end up friends again one day, but for now, call another friend for vulnerable moments at 12MN.



Avoid cyber-stalking or deliberately bumping into him at his favorite places. It’s calculated depression that leads you back to your pajamas and your unhealthy boyfriend, icecream. Stop the torture and hide him from your social media pages for the next few months. Repeat after me: “Out of sight, out of mind.”


5. Take care of yourself!

Now’s the time to use that spa gift certificate, learn a new sport, or rekindle an old hobby. Take cue from Taylor Swift and use the heartache to propel creativity and to pursue your passion,even yet gain some inspiration from other things. Give it time and your Grammy might come in the form of a new relationship, self-confidence, and a happier and healthier life.


6. Don’t seek revenge.

They say that people do stupid things when they’re in love, but we do more damage when we let rage control us. Don’t rebound with his friends. Don’t key in his car. Don’t blackmail him. Your best revenge is to move on and create your own happiness. Okay? Simple as that, MOVE ON.


7. Be a lady and be kind to his new lady.

Sure, it disdainful to see him happy with someone else when you’re still busy picking your scabs. No matter how much you hate or (still) love him, let him be. If you bump into them, take the high road and just smile.


With all these, you’d become a more mature and beautiful person. Your next relationship would be the last.

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