Meet The 17-Year-Old Girl And Her Secret Twin

Having a sibling is fun but whenever we get mad towards our sibling, we call them every offensive name imaginable. You may have called your brother or sister a parasite during one of your sibling rivalries. 

It’s just mere expression of course, but in the case of the 17 year old Workitu Debebet,  calling her sibling a parasite can be literal.

Meet The 17-Year-Old Girl And Her Secret TwinThis teenager from Ethiopia realized that she was different from other girls when she changed clothes next to someone for the first time.

When we got changed, we saw each others’ bodies for the first time and I realized I had a big problem,” Workitu narrated.

Meet The 17-Year-Old Girl And Her Secret TwinHer parasitic twin had two arms and two legs and was fused to her pelvis. Her parasitic twin was growing out of her.

She knows she needed surgery back then, but she came from a poor family and there was no way they can afford it. Poverty hindered her parents from consulting medical experts regarding her bizarre condition.

Meet The 17-Year-Old Girl And Her Secret TwinHers was a rare condition, even rarer than the Siamese twins or conjoined twins, according to Dr. Eric Gokcen, Medical Director at Cure Hospital. Luckily for Workitu, a team of expert surgeons agreed to perform the procedure to separate her from her unborn twin.

Meet The 17-Year-Old Girl And Her Secret TwinAccording to Colgate University, orthopedic surgeon, Eric Gokcen, performed a groundbreaking eight-hour surgery. 

It happens in about 1 in 10 million live births, making it exceedingly rare,” said Gokcen, who oversees the medical program at CURE International’s hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

A nonprofit organization, CURE provides medical treatment for adults and children in developing countries with limited access to health care.

Workitu recovered easily from the procedure and is now happy with her life. Doctors told her she can even have children of her own someday.

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